Tony Cavanagh

Sometimes from ‘the middle of nowhere' in Wales, and at times in other places around the world, in airport lounges and on long train journeys, writing offers the real Tony Cavanagh an escape from real life as a practicing technology consultant and as a part-time sports coach. This fourth novel offers a change of style and direction, and also a chance to re-explore the interaction between the spiritualistic and materialistic worlds which first surfaced in The Power of Love, seen here through the eyes of the troubled hero Sammy Three Rivers.

Let the
Future Find

An orphaned Native American teenager is cast out from his community by the tribal elders upon discovery that he is gay and has feelings for a younger boy. Tormented with guilt, he flees, alone in the world except for a spirit guide in the form of a prairie ‘dog', which engages in confrontational banter as well as offering enigmatic guidance and support.

In his ‘new world' he finds good people as well as bad, and his honesty and a trail of good deeds ensures that his initial steps towards an unknown destiny are guided towards people who can help him to believe in himself. An unexpected chance to regain his lost love goes badly wrong, and there are many challenges to be overcome before a second opportunity comes his way. A climactic ending draws together many influences, good and bad.

Can this deserving couple ever accept their sexuality and achieve a peaceful future together?